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massachusetts conveyancing

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Residential real estate conveyance involves the transfer of legal title of a property from one person to another.

Residential Real Estate Attorneys for Buyers, Sellers, and Lenders at Affordable Rates
At the Law Office of Mark L. Murphy, conveyance, or the transfer of property, is the whole of what we do. Our Boston-area conveyancing lawyers have 25 years of focused real estate law experience, and are committed to effective resolution of your real estate transaction needs. Contact our Lexington conveyancing practice today for your free initial consultation.

When representing lenders in residential real estate transactions, conveyancing attorneys at our firm understand what is at stake and are committed to helping clients reach their short and long term goals. We represent buyers and sellers at residential real estate closings. We understand the legal and financial issues involved in the home closing process, and have the skill and experience needed to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

A Boston conveyancing attorney at our firm ultimately acts as the settlement agent. As the Massachusetts settlement agent who organizes the closing, we put together numbers for the lender, buyer, sell, and broker. We are efficient in recording all transactions, drawing deeds, and filing all documentation. Our job is to protect your rights and ensure the transaction proceeds smoothly with a minimum of risk and no surprises.

In addition, Lexington conveyancing attorneys at the Law Office of Mark L. Murphy handle title examinations and issue title opinions.

Contact a Boston-area conveyancing attorney at our firm today for experienced, knowledgeable legal assistance concerning your real estate transaction.
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