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The Law Office of Mark L. Murphy has over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate law. From quit claim deeds to refinancing options, buying a home to condominium conversions, we can explain everything clearly so you are confident you are getting exactly what you need.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation if you are concerned about any of the following:

Home Buying Process
We'll be involved in all parts of the home buying process. From drafting a purchase agreement to closing, all money involved in the transaction goes through an escrow account that we are in control of. We can act as the settlement agent, and we frequently represent lending institutions in matters where it is required.

Massachusetts Title/Legal Advice
We conduct thorough title searches to identify and resolve legal problems so title insurance will issue. Title insurance guarantees the value of your property so you can sell at full value when the time comes.

Commercial/Residential Mortgage Legal Advice
Considering refinancing your mortgage but unsure about the potential pitfalls? We offer legal counsel advising you of the different choices and factors to consider in choosing the best residential mortgage or commercial mortgage option for you.

Condo Conversion
We will help you understand the necessary condominium conversion procedures to ensure your rights are protected.

Massachusetts Conveyancing
Handling the legal and financial issues involved in the home closing process is what we founded our practice on. We have the skill, knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for all of our clients. We understand the concerns of buyers and sellers and work as hard as we can to make sure even the highest expectations can be reached. We also have extensive experience representing lenders in real estate closings and we understand the importance of rate lock deadlines in the secondary market. If these things sound confusing, let us know! We can explain everything down to the detail for you to be sure you are truly getting exactly what you expected.

Knowing how and when to refinance on a real estate endeavor can be extremely valuable for people. There is the potential for an advantage in a refinance and we will help you obtain discounted title insurance rates whenever it make sense to do so and, if it doesn’t, we’ll let you know why.

Purchase/Sales Agreements
All parties benefit from sound legal advice and a good understanding of the risks and laws involved before signing anything. Shouldn’t a home or business purchase be the same? Talk to our associates today so you too can have sound legal counsel available before you get into any real estate transaction.
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